Friday, November 24, 2017


The lil one has a PA day today (no school).  She should have been with Mom -- but as we all know -- Mom is away on a 3 week holiday.  

Back in the day when my girls were little -- we did gobs of Christmas stuff in the weeks leading up to Christmas -- everything from making presents for the family - to making a Gingerbread House (or village another year or a train another year) - to making decorations for 'mom's' themed Christmases....... 

Then the grandbabies came along -- and one Saturday in December they would come to Granny's house to help decorate my house (while Mom and Dad got one free day to do their Christmas shopping).  We made Gingerbread houses -- and decorations -- and some years presents for Mom and Dad. I hoped then that we were making wonderful Christmas memories.

Those days were gone... and I thought my days of making memories with lil ones was over.  

Yeah well who knew??!!

So this morning the lil one and I started a Christmas gift for Daddy -- and this afternoon we're gonna do some baking (not necessarily for Christmas but testing a recipe that MIGHT be on the Christmas menu)

Tonight the city is having a Tree Lighting party downtown and we are gonna go.  I have NEVER been to a tree lighting party and am excited to go....... 

Just goes to show you -- you're never too old to make new memories -- and that is a very good thing!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

I'm a Baddddddd Girl

(first a little update:  Sir Steve and the lil one had a 'behind closed doors' discussion the other evening -- and then at dinner time we had a 'family discussion'.  There is a distinct impression that I am being sabotaged by the other side of the family.  But the discussion has cleared the air (for now) and the lil one had some tears because she didn't mean to hurt my feelings -- and we are working towards creating our 'happy kingdom' again.  We have 3 weeks without mother so things should get back on track for a little while anyway)

Now on to a brighter side ............

We have been having some trouble with the dog barking at every little sound.  It is driving us all crazy!!  On Saturday evening at the family engagement party -- eldest daughter suggested we try spraying the dog with water every time she barks.  
I have been in charge of the spray bottle.... and am thinking I may be winning the war.

Last evening I had used the spray bottle a couple of times with success. I was feeling all puffed and proud.  Sir Steve was sitting half watching TV and half surfing the net.  I have NO idea what possessed me but I lifted the spray bottle and squirted Sir Steve.  As I am unleashing the spray of cold water -- the only thought in my head was 'don't hit his computer'.  

I didn't.

Instead I made a direct hit on his ear!  The look on his face was priceless !!  The look on the dog's face was almost as good.

I am now living in fear for my life.  (grinning) 

Sir Steve is nothing if not patient -- and he has told me I won't see it coming......

The waiting is as bad -- no worse -- than the punishment........ but a little bit fun too (grinning)

Monday, November 20, 2017

This 'n That

I really do want to thank everyone who dropped by over the LOL days -- and especially to those who left a comment.  There were some that made me smile and some that warmed my heart -- but they all made me very happy !  You know I am still mildly surprised that anyone reads my ramblings -- always have been and probably always will be.

We had a good weekend -- busy one -- Saturday was an engagement dinner party for my eldest daughter in Ottawa....... Sunday was The Big Christmas show -- that was a total bust.  I was SO disappointed!!

And of course Sunday afternoon was spent watching the CFL East and West Finals -- big Grey Cup game is next Sunday ...... for those of you who don't know I LOVE football -- well Canadian football.

I realized this weekend that since I have been sick -- what is it now about 6 weeks? I haven't been taking my mega doses of B12.  Why I honestly don't know....... but shame on me!!  I don't know what made me think of it -- but it just jumped into my head.  I started to realize I have been so damn tired -- and the anxiety has been getting worse -- and my body has been aching ..... I thought it was just the bug ..... but maybe it's lack of B12.  Needless to say I started back on my mega daily doses and am hoping that in a week or so I will be feeling much better.  

This morning I was outside having my coffee and smoke -- it was still dark and very quiet -- my thinking time.  Today should have been our day in court -- instead the mother was on a plane flying off to her boyfriend for a 3 week holiday.  We know someone who is going to report her to Welfare.  She is not supposed to leave the province for more than 7 days -- never mind the country.  I don't have much hope that this government agency will care any more than the family court system.... but ya never know.

And I was examining the relationship with the lil one.  I have noticed an uppity attitude towards me......she hasn't said the words -- but I feel them as much as if she had said "YOU are not the boss of me!"  This feeling has been building over the last few weeks -- I have tried to ignore it but I can't.  
And Sir Steve has snapped at me a couple of times when I have offered an opinion... 
And I am slowly coming to realize I am not her teacher ... not her tutor and most definitely not her parent.  I am nothing.  So I will distance myself from them both .... I have become too invested in this family thing.  I guess that needs to change.
Lesson learned.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunday Sentiments

This is most definitely my motto...........

Saturday, November 18, 2017

LOL Day two

Well yesterday was a record for The Journey with 13 comments -- and a couple from some new folks YAY!!  It was so much fun checking the comments all day -- and yes it was as good as getting mail when I was a kid.

I started The Journey 12 1/2 years ago.  At the beginning I thought I could only write about BDSM -- and in the beginning it was all I wanted to write about.... I was so sure of what I wanted/needed back then... and there has been more than a little angst on here.... there were times I took the blog down for a few days -- thinking I'd never come back but I always did... more than once I questioned why I was writing a BDSM blog when most of what I was writing was vanilla -- and a lot of you urged me just to write -- that you'd be here if I was writing about BDSM ... or my kids at school .. or the bouts with cancer ... or my soul searching or my rants.

And so I wrote ...... and continue to write ....... 

Thank you to my lurkers and my regular readers and commentors -- you're all very special 'friends'........