Sunday, December 04, 2016

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Hung Over

Ok -- first this blog is late because........... Hands and CG came for dinner last night........ and because CG and I had planned a celebration with lots of wine and cheesecake ........ I bought the above HUGE bottle of wine -- and CG brought another one........... AND we did a damn good job at polishing them off.

AND I forgot today was NOT Sunday (I did have a Sunday Sentiments queued up and ready to post) 

Once I had managed to focus my eyes -- stop my head from spinning -- AND got one cup of coffee into me -- I thought I had better post something... 

As I was writing this I realized it is just more proof how I earned 73% naughty on that meme I took.  You see the "good girl" NEVER drank -- well maybe a glass of wine -- but my wine consumption was measured in glasses not sizes of bottles.

It's just another piece of the new me -- the naughty me 

Friday, December 02, 2016

Porn anyone?

When Hands and I first started chatting/negotiating he asked me if I ever watched porn.   I gave my "good girl" pat answer.... 'Nooooo never!'

From that point on -- every so often Hands would send me pics or gifs of sex acts.  I cracked under the pressure and told him I had a confession to make -- yes I did on occasion watch porn -- and rather liked the gifs he sent me and where could I find them.  He happily obliged me with some urls.

And that began the back and forth teasing between us.

This was one of the first gifs I sent him -- tentatively and worried sick he would think differently of me.........

One of my favourite (naughty) things is giving blow jobs.  BUT I didn't know how hot it could be... until I gave Hands a blow job.

Before.... when I did it..... the guy didn't get hard ...... and when I would look at him he was watching television....... my efforts obviously having little effect on him.
Then later on when I tried with another guy -- it felt like he was doing me a favour. 

BUT with Hands -- he was very into it -- always watching me -- sometimes wrapping his hands in my hair and directing the speed and depth.  (and believe me when I say he went deep -- cheeky grin) Feeling him grow hard in my mouth started to wash away the negative feelings I had learned.

Hands' acceptance and encouragement began the new positive self talk -- the start of a new more sexually confident me. 

Thursday, December 01, 2016

December 1st

I took one of those silly memes over on Facebook the other day -- a Christmas one.  It declared I was 27% nice and a whopping 73% naughty.  Now honestly !!!  who would believe I was THAT naughty?!

(clearing throat) except ....... well since I have been with Hands and CG I have been encouraged to develop my "naughty" side...... and oh what fun it has been!!!

BUT honestly truly -- it is ALL Hands' fault....... he is turning me into this wicked naughty lil subbie. (cheeky grin)

I thought seeing as the holiday season is upon us -- for the next 4 weeks I would explore some naughty behaviours....... live up to my 73% naughty reputation.  

So for the next 4 weeks or so -- welcome to the 
Christmas Edition of the Continued Journey!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Feeling Safe

There have been some changes around here -- and we all know how well I deal with change!

First I have been looking for part time work -- subbing to be exact.  It has taken a lot for me to interview for jobs.  After 30 years you think I would have a little more confidence in myself ...... in myself as an educator.  But I don't.  I got one job -- and actually subbed for them on Monday.  Then yesterday I interviewed at another school that morphed into two schools and both hired me.  So now I will be subbing at 3 different schools and that should keep me nice and busy.

Then Hands' shift changed.  He is working 4 days on and 4 days off....... three months on days and 3 months on nights.  He starts nights this Saturday.  I know CG is anxious about these new hours/shifts and I know that CG comes first.  I haven't wanted to say anything about my own levels of insecurity about these changes to Hands.  I don't want him fussing over me.  Yesterday we were chatting -- and I mentioned how weird it felt -- felt like it should be a Sunday....... and Hands said "We'll work it out" ... I told him I didn't want him fussing over me and his answer was "It's my job to fuss" ..... and immediately I felt better.  I know -- in his quiet, unassuming way -- He will take care of this -- that my needs will be met and so will CG's.

It really is wonderful to know that I am safe under his care...... I can try and let go of some of the stress ...... that my life will fall into a routine ....... 

Changes are hard for me -- but with Hands and CG in my life I am learning to trust and that is a very good thing!